Why “Gods”? — A Reader Question

Gangleri's Grove

Recently I was asked why I used the term “Gods” instead of θεοι (Greek: Gods) or Reginn (Norse: Holy Powers), or some other term. My friend asked me if I would address this on my blog as I sometimes take questions from readers. I’ve been meaning to do it for a couple of weeks now, but end of term paper writing, of necessity, took precedence. Now that the term is officially over, however, I finally have time to address this.

Firstly, it goes without saying that since I’m working and writing in English, I’m going to use English terms. “Gods,” for instance, is simply the English translation of θεοι. Why wouldn’t I use the appropriate English term? I could write my blog in an ancient language, a couple of them, in fact, but what good would that do to my temper or the cognition of my readers? No one needs…

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