DeadState — Christian Pastor: Greta Thunberg Should Read the Bible and Stop Worrying About This “Imaginary Crisis”

In The Desert Of Set

Megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress claims the climate change crisis is “imaginary,” and that young activist Greta Thunberg needs to just read the Bible.

“This Greta Thunberg, the 16 year-old, she was warning today about the mass extinction of humanity. Somebody needs to read poor Greta Genesis chapter 9 and tell her the next time she worries about global warming, just look at a rainbow; that’s God’s promise that the polar ice caps aren’t going to melt and flood the world again.”


  1. Mocking “the 16-year old girl” for taking the climate change crisis more seriously than you do is completely inappropriate, especially when you’re several decades older than her and YOU are the one imploring people to take ancient mythology literally. (“Just look at a rainbow”? Are you fucking serious?)

  2. I doubt Greta Thunberg is much concerned with whatever the biblical god might or might not do. His…

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