Why I Left Eclectic Paganism Behind

And I am a Wolf-Witch by Night

tumblr_mmz3tzrJG61r2rdo9o1_1280 One of the first pictures of a Kemetic shrine I could find on my now-defunct blog; this was when I was still living with my parents and had to be very careful.

So, longtime readers of this particular wordpress will remember when I called myself an eclectic pagan. I probably called myself that for a few years; as far as I knew, it was the most succinct way to phrase what I believed about the gods and how I was going about my practice. Honestly, at that time, I was more active in the Kemetic side of things than the Shinto side, so it wasn’t really a big deal. I was interested in gods from other pantheons (although never really reached out to any of them) and everything was sort of blended together. I’m going to make a bold claim now that might turn some of you off: identifying eclectic…

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