Happy 100th Anniversary, 19th Amendment. May the Next 100 Years Make Patriarchy Even More Sorry that We Got the Vote.


Like most Witches, I celebrate eight high holy days — the Sabbats — that mark how the seasons shift from dark, to light, to more light, to equal, to dark, to more dark, to equal, to light.

But there are other days that I celebrate, as well.  I celebrate Arbor Day, April 26th, a day dedicated to trees.  It’s just a few days past another of my celebrations, Earth Day, April 22nd, a day dedicated to the planet that is the base of our existence.  I celebrate Clara  Barton’s birthday because she was an early hera of mine and I celebrate Labor Day, when we honor the contributions of America’s workers and unions.

And, no surprise, I celebrate May 21st, the day when the United States Congress passed the 19th Amendment , which, after almost an entire century of protest, and following the Amendment’s ratification by 36 states, gave…

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