Abortion Bans Violate the First Amendment


image of the exterior of the Newseum in Washington DC, into which the text of the first amendment is carved

Did you know that, far from prohibiting abortion, Talmudic law sometimes mandates it?

I have a spouse whose degree is in comparative religion and many Jewish friends, so I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while.

Then, in response to the Gilead-level bullshittery going on in Ohio, Alabama, and Georgia, the fabulous Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg (who you really should follow on Twitter if you aren’t already. Go. Now. I’ll wait.) posted an outstanding thread explaining Jewish law on this matter.

  1. I am not a Talmudic scholar.
  2. I am not even Jewish.
  3. I know Hecate just posted about this yesterday, but I’m pissed off, too.

I’m going to summarize a few of her points, but really, go read the whole thread if you have a minute.

  1. Jewish law does not consider a fetus a person until birth.
  2. In fact, even if the mother is actively in labor and her life…

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