Yeah, It’s Likely Not Going to Work that Way


Not to be a broken record, but here I go again.

The news today is full of the fact that the FBI has been investigating the blindingly (I use that word deliberately) obvious fact that Trump the Impotent is a Russian agent.

Well, duh, we all knew that before the election.

Hillary gave a speech about his allegiance to Russia, but her speech was ignored because we were too busy discussing Bernie’s (Sanders also got assistance from Russia; now he says that  Clinton should have warned him) assertion that Hillary  was “unqualified” to be president because she got paid for giving speeches, the way men do all the time.  We were too busy worrying whether her use of a private email server made her “untrustworthy” or whether she was simply “unlikeable.”  We couldn’t take seriously the notion that Russia had put its preferred candidate on the ballot and was successfully…

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