The Old Norse Afterlife: Not as Simple as You Think


I’m salvaging this one article from an old blog that I no longer use (and decided to close) since I sometimes get asked about the Old Norse afterlife. Other articles on the blog were written during a different time in my life, when I was studying in Iceland for a short time and interested in integrating Loki’s worship into the greater Heathen community. My give a shit button has since broken I no longer identify as Heathen, and how the Heathen community perceives Loki is no longer relevant to my path. Strengthening my devotional practice with Loki and my other gods and having the freedom to explore Lokean mysticism is what I’d rather be focusing my energy on. I hope you enjoy this oldie though. Looking forward to writing some more positive articles in the coming months instead of just reacting to inflammatory nonsense. Enjoy! And as always…

Hail Loki 

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