Bet Your Ass I’m #TeamNancy


Nancy Pelosi and RuPaul

[I just got back from a multi-day, phones-down retreat in a cabin in the woods with a bunch of smart, soulful people, and I HAVE THOUGHTS, but while I’m processing them, it seemed like the right time to re-up a post I originally wrote in the summer of 2017.]

Once again, despite the fact that she was instrumental in engineering the MASSIVE Democratic wave in the House, and despite the fact that Chuck Schumer was re-appointed to his leadership role in the Senate by voice vote even though he managed to LOSE seats in the Senate, we’re talking about whether or not Nancy Pelosi should be re-appointed Speaker of the House.

Arguments go something like this:

“She’s toxic.”

“Republicans hate her.”

“She represents highly educated, culturally diverse, wealthy, liberal, ‘coastal elite’ San Francisco, which, in the minds of middle America, stands in for everything they hate.”

[Here’s a thought: how…

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