The Maga Bomber, Stockholm Syndrome and Mass Schizophrenia

Oakland Socialist

Van said to belong to Cesar Sayoc. There are rifle scope cross hairs on several liberal figures. This is advocating murder, but it is considered perfectly acceptable.

If you wanted to write a piece of fiction meant to show how many white workers are being driven criminally insane due to the crisis of capitalism and the failure of the union leadership, the Cesar Sayoc story would be it… except that it would be condemned as being too unsubtle. Not only is he a bigoted lunatic on steroids; he had also had his home illegally foreclosed by a bank partly owned by both Steve Mnuchin and George Soros!

The Washington Post seems to tell it all: They explain that Sayoc was a steroid using, would-be pro-wrestler “built like a freakin’ animal”, a committed racist who was estranged from his liberal mother. He had “puppets with their heads cut off, mannequins…

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