Fighting Invisibility: Maria Lacerda and Lucy Parsons


“Anarchism has been a hostile political field to racially marginalized segments of the population, as virtually all fields were, and somehow still are. Analyzing why this is is essential so that we can unlearn this harmful behavior.”

From Mirna Wabi-Sabi

English Translation here.

Translator’s note:

This text was originally published in Brazilian Portuguese, on the second issue of the “Enemy of the Queen” magazine, alongside what we believe to be the first translation of Lucy Parson’s text “The Negro”. There were a few adaptations made to the English version below: 1- the assumption that some of you might already know the historical information presented, 2- the explanation of the type of efforts we go through to disseminate Lucy’s work here in Brazil, and why.

Media is a powerful thing. Autonomous publishing was essential in the 19th century and still is today. Visibility and empowerment is a matter…

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