Non Serviam


One of the key teachings in Druidry, at least as I have learned it, is that Druidry is at its foundation a path of service.

I’m not so sure…

Service has always been a concept I struggle with. From the strict Catholicism of my youth, service was drilled into me as a duty. It meant putting others first and yourself last. Always. It meant working hard, not complaining, not disagreeing, never taking time for yourself, certainly never putting your own needs or desires first – to do so was a sin.

As anyone who is a chronic people-pleaser knows, this is not a recipe for a healthy or meaningful life. This is a recipe for burnout, self-hatred, fear and anxiety. Even now, having long left that life behind, I feel guilty taking time out for me, for self-care, for hobbies and music and pleasure, because surely that’s selfish, right?…

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