The Sum Of All Inchoate Fears: The Mass Transit Edition

Mike the Mad Biologist

Whenever well-off and/or well-educated people get snooty about how their lessers are ignorant, it’s always worth remembering that there are plenty of instances where the Good People happen to Know Things That Are Not True™. One example is the notion that the U.S. educational system is failing, even astest scores have been slowly, but steadily rising for all demographic groups.

Which brings us to this heart-warming mass transit-related tale from Anne Arundel County, MD (boldface mine):

The Hahns had moved to the working/middle-class suburb seeking a quiet, safe environment away from the crime and strife of Baltimore, 10 miles away. But, like many in the neighbourhood, they say the city’s woes have seeped into the area via public transport. Specifically, they believe criminals are coming into the suburbs by light rail.

Data does not bear that out, but that hasn’t stopped some residents from campaigning for the…

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