The Wild Hunt: HexFest 2018 Met With Protests From Catholic Groups

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Hemelt wrote, “Please help us pray for the end of all witchcraft and occult practices and rituals that offend [the Abrahamic g]od and that the HexFest will be stopped, all rituals be rendered useless, and that the evil one may be thwarted in his efforts to lead souls astray.”

Wow. It’s good to know the Catholic community in New Orleans has nothing better to do right now than harass Pagans. I mean, they could be writing letters and sending gifts to all their fellow Catholics in Pennsylvania whose lives have been destroyed by pedophile priests. They could be donating money to all those families to help them pay their legal fees or their therapy bills. But no, clearly that isn’t a priority. Clearly, slipping flyers under hotel room doors to try and convert Pagans (or make them feel unwelcome) is much more important. Clearly, we are a much greater threat…

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I have been talking a lot to colleagues about this issue and felt it might be an interesting issue to put out here for some discussion. I will kick off by stating my personal position: we have got this wrong for years. The linking of people who bully to low self-esteem and a belief that […]

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God, THIS: This new racist is cast as sympathetic, an inevitable byproduct of a culture of white supremacy in the South or a remote homogenous life that has left him ill-prepared for this terrifying new world where people speak Spanish sometimes, or where she’s the only white person in the room. They aren’t heroes. But, […]

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Sermon: Set’s Sacred Critters

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As with most other Egyptian Gods, certain animals are considered sacred to Set. First and foremost is the mysterious creature that the Egyptians called the Sha.

This little fella—which is otherwise known as the “Set Animal” or “Typhonian Beast”—is one of history’s greatest cryptids. It resembles a red-haired greyhound with rabbit ears, a long curved snout, and a forked tail. Egyptologists are divided as to whether this animal actually existed and went extinct, or if it’s just a mythical creature the Egyptians created from bits and pieces of different animals (like a dragon, griffin, or phoenix). Some authors have theorized that it may be a stylized hyena, jackal, aardvark, or fox. It might actually be a fennec fox, which looks like this in real life:

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CNN: White Anxiety Finds a Home at Fox News

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Just when I think there’s been more than enough nonsense for one week, I happen across this. On the Fox News network, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson have both been escalating their racist rhetoric lately. Ingraham had this to say just the other day:

“The America we know and love doesn’t exist anymore. Massive demographic changes have been foisted on the American people, and they are changes that none of us ever voted for, and most of us don’t like.”

Hey Laura, I have some fantastically bad news for you. The America we know and love never existed. This nation has always been divided between those who are in power and those who are not. And whether anybody likes it or not, most everyone who has ever been in power in this country has been white. While our founding fathers built the greatest democratic republic this planet has ever seen…

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I’m likely preaching to the choir, but after this week’s special election in Ohio, it feels as if I need to say this again. What happened in Ohio, you ask? Well, in a special Congressional election, in a district that has been Republican for ages, Democratic candidate Danny O’Connor did incredibly well. There are still […]

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