Aberamentho: Set, Yahweh & Jesus Christ

In The Desert Of Set

Growing up Setian was rough because Western culture conditions us all to think Pagan gods are just “false idols” or even “the devil in disguise.” In my case, even other Pagans (usually self-proclaimed “white witches”) found me too “satanic” for their liking. But while our current culture is quick to conflate Set with Lucifer, things were very different 2,000 years ago, long before “Satanism” was even a daydream. Back then, Set was conflated by Greeks and Egyptians with the Hebrew god, Yahweh; and there are even certain areas where He seems to overlap with Jesus Christ.

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CNN: Pregnant woman and six children tortured and killed by a religious cult in Panama, authorities say

Oh, those wacky Abrahamic religions… /sobs

In The Desert Of Set

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A religious cult has been apprehended in Panama for murdering seven people as part of some bizarre ritual, including a pregnant woman and five of her children. The report does not go into much detail about the cult’s beliefs, but they appear to have identified as evangelical Christians of some sort. Both the perpetrators and the victims were members of the indigenous community in Ngabe-Bugle, and the victims were instructed by their captors to “Repent or die.” Most of the victims were children, I will reiterate, and it even appears that one of their murderers was their very own grandfather.

The cult refers to itself as “the Church of God” (how original). My guess is that they are one of those “non-denominational” charismatic churches that refer to their leaders not as pastors or priests, but as the Second Coming of Christ himself. You might think I’m making this…

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The Matricide Basic to Patriarchy’s Birth by Carol P. Christ

About 20 years ago I witnessed a performance of the 3 plays of the Oresteia (the Orestes plays) by Aeschylus. I was stunned. Watching them in sequence, I understood that the plays were one of patriarchy’s “just so stories” and that their continuing performance was part and parcel of patriarchy’s perpetuation and legitimation.

According to the myths, Helen, the wife of King Menelaus of Sparta, ran off to Troy with its prince, Paris. In revenge for his lost honor, Menelaus called the Greeks to attack Troy and bring her back. Agamemnon, brother of Menelaus and king of Mycenae, assembled his ships, but the wind refused to fill their sails. He was told that his army would be allowed to depart only if he killed his daughter Iphigenia. He lured his daughter and her mother Clytemnestra to the place where his ships were waiting with the promise of marriage to Achilles…

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~Spoilers ahead! ~ 12.1 & 12.2 Spyfall Parts One and Two – Chris Chibnall Story & Review Doctor Who returned on New Year’s Day. Considering my lukewarm feelings towards Series 11, I was wary of going into Series 12, but Spyfall surprised me. And remember. Rule one of espionage? Trust no one. The spy theme is […]

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Old Men Get Away with It: Why? by Carol P. Christ

A few days ago, a friend told me she had just learned that she had a 2x great-aunt who was a beloved and honored single white teacher in the US south in the first half of the twentieth century. The beloved teacher had a school named after her. My friend never heard anything about her distinguished relative while growing up. As a woman without children herself and a teacher, she wished she had. “There are many of us,” she commented.

I offered to do a little research for my friend. Perhaps thinking of my 2x great-aunt who was a single businesswoman, I expected to find that the beloved teacher lived with her mother. What I found was so shocking that it kept me up at night.

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